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Family . Ethics . Conservation . Quality . Success


For over 36 years Cedar Hill Birds has done business by these words. By the age of nine, Eric Antheunisse had a poultry and water fowl collection most fanciers would be envious of. As his passion grew Eric immersed himself in the trade and breeding of parrots. He traveled the western United States with his parents visiting other breeders, quarantine stations and the like learning everything he could.

In 1997 Eric met his wife, Alycia who quickly learned the ropes of the avicultural world. In 1999, Alycia and Eric had the first of two children, Ashle. In 2001, their son, Brenden was born. Both children have been brought up with the great appreciation for our feathered friends and are handy helpers around the ranch. Our children help in every aspect of care, feeding and cleaning, socializing, shipping and customer service. It is important to us that they understand the responsibility we have taken upon ourselves to raise these creatures. They surprise us day in and day out with their comprehension and knowledge of our business, passions and goals.

This year marks a new opportunity for Cedar Hill Birds. Both children, Ashle and Brenden, are being brought into the business by learning to handfeed and care for babies in the nursery. Both are learniing to handfeed and will soon be solely responsible for raising the many lories rasied each year. In addition, they will begin their own finch projects and help their Dad build aviaries for their birds. Making the decision to home school both children has made this journey possible and both children are loving it.

Now, with a family, and a successful exotic bird business, Eric hasn't deviated from his childhood enthusiasm. It is with his years of experience, compassion and drive that continue to make Cedar Hill Birds a successful and reputable breeder of exotics. This past year Eric was recognized for his acheivement, knowledge, and experience, he was hired as the Avicultural Consultant to Loro Parque's Breeding Center, La Vera. As their consultant he will travel several times a year to the park and help to continue their many breeding success as well as create new ones. This is a huge honor for Cedar Hill Birds and a validation of Eric's time and constant dedication.

Eric and Alycia also spend a great amount of time writing articles for international magazines, speaking nationally and internationally including local clubs, AFA, and SuperZoo.

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